Do you produce customised machines?
We do not limit our borders with Standardised production. Whitefog has all the capacity and ability to supply customized

machines to its customers with its high technology and production team.




What do you use while packing the machines?
Purchased machines are sent to customers in a solid wooden box - 12mm thickness. The box can stand to 750 kg pressure.




How does the delivery of the machine realise?

Depending on the choice of the customer, machines can be sent with Road transfer (10-15days), Air shipment (2-3 days) or Sea Shipment (25-40 days)
The cost of the freight  depends on the customers preference and location.
Whitefog Works with the cheapest and safest freight companies for the delivery of the machines.




How does the productionand delivery process of the machines evolve?

Whitefog delivers the machines with the demanded specifications on the time agreed.
Upon request SGS document (supervision document) can be supplied with an additive payment.




What is an “investigation-supervision document”? (SGS)
A document arranged by an autonomn third party who investigates the production process of the machine?

This document consisting three process: inspection, the scientific test of the machine at a governmental laboratory (lab experiment) to test if machine

satisfies its mentioned specifications and certification.


Can we become an official distributor for a given region or country?

Yes. Please get in contact for detailed information.




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