Mist Blower







Mist Blower Eco "Mist Spraying - ULV Cold Fogging - Holder" ( 3 in 1
Even under maximum performance usage the sound pollution is below 80 desibel.
The machine in dimension and weight is suitable for pick-up trucks/delivery cars.

ULV Fogger function
Long lasting spraying with droplets between 10 - 50 microns.
Mist Blower function
Long lasting spraying with droplets between 50 - 100 microns.
Holder spraying function
Long lasting spraying with droplets between 100 - 300 microns.


WhiteFog made it simple for you; to keep the maintenance easy for allowing easy reparation all around the world. Briey, WhiteFog means no maintenance problem. The reason why clients and customers prefer WhiteFog fogging machines is because of it’s highest quality and problem free machines.


2 Year warranted, 10 year spare part keeping guarantee.
Ministry of Agriculture, Test Reports exist on droplets size measurement.






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Hose Reel with 50m. Hose 8 ULV + 8 Mist Nozzles Easy Washing System Micrometric Pressure Regulator Strong Spotlight


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